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Our mission is to

We want to create the best rewards platform in the world.






Times are tough given the current circumstances and climate. It is now, more important than ever, to provide support to the backbone of our economy - small businesses.

We are on a mission to help small businesses have access to the tools and data that can help transform their business. Our platform will provide these businesses with visibility they deserve quickly and efficiently.
It was important for us to create a platform that is simple for merchants, so that they can continue doing the great work without having to worry about anything else.
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We wanted to make it easy for consumers to gain cashback and more importantly, we wanted to encourage spontaneity - which is often lost when you have to obtain offers, download vouchers and per-pay for discounted items.
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The rewards space needed to change, that’s why we want to do things differently. Giving businesses more control over technology and an opportunity to use data as it should be used.
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We were tired of scrolling on google for the ‘best barbers’, ‘best restaurants’. Having all of this information on an application which is interactive, personalized and fun was at the top of our agenda.

Together, we can build the best platform for rewards

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