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Gain customers and increase your revenue

Sign up to be one of our partners and gain the customers, data and technology you deserve.

Launching July 2021! Sign up to be a tuck. partner business below!



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Retain & gain new customers


Access valuable data and technology


Create extra revenue streams

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Provide your details by completing the form below and a member of the tuck. team will be in contact.


Contact tuck.

Select your cashback offer

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Choose when to run your offers

Pick when/if you want to boost offers


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tuck. do the rest!

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tuck. come and take professional pictures of your business

Create your company page on the application

Provide you with in-house marketing material

Begin marketing your company!


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Rewards that matter

We provide your customers with a reward that is tanglible and has an impact. Cashback is a proven incentive to gain and retain customers.


Gain a ROI on your marketing

We will ensure that your are spending your marketing budgets on direct sales over eyeballs.


Transparent pricing

Never over pay for marketing again. Our model enables you to maximise your benefits without having the burden of over spending. There is also no fixed contract, opt in and out as you wish.


No integration

The tuck. platform doesn’t require any integration from the merchant. The process to sign couldn’t be easier.

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Access to technology

Reach customers with innovative and automated technology by using the tuck. mobile application


Customer reach

Gain new customers and incentivise existing ones to return. This will help you reach new heights and revenues.

Join hundreds of small businesses that trust us all over the UK and request a callback today.

One of the team will contact you shortly

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Together, we can build the best platform for rewards

Be one of the first people to get early access to tuck. We'll be in touch to keep you updated on when we launch.

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