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The app that pays you to dine at the hottest restaurants, cafés and bars in town

Launching soon in Nottingham!

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tuck. Rewards

The more friends you refer, the higher up the waitlist you go. You can also earn rewards everytime you hit a milestone! 

Reward 1 🔥

Refer 1 friends and earn a £2 welcome bonus!

Reward 2 💰

Refer 6 friends and earn a £5 welcome bonus

Reward 3 ⚡️

Refer 10 friends and be in with a chance of winning an iPhone 14 Pro Max


1) You will be notified about early access via email ✉️

2) Rewards will be automatically applied to your account upon registration and connecting ✅

3) Referrals are tracked via phone number (don't create multiple emails under the same number! 👀)

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