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FAQ's for users


What is cashback and how does it work?

Cashback is money you recieve when you spend with our partner small businesses

  • Our automated technology, will effortlessly calculate your cashback without you having to lift a finger
  • By linking your bank account(s) and utilising our Open Banking technology, tuck. can spot your transaction with the merchant you have shopped with and automatically calculate your cashback and update your balance on the app
  • Your accumulated cashback will be added to your tuck. ‘available balance’ and can be withdrawn to your bank account at any time

Is there a minimum spend to earn cashback?

No! Our app allows you to earn on even your smallest purchases

Does your cashback service cost?

No! Our service is completely free to download and use. It does not include any fees or costs

Can I obtain cashback when shopping with online businesses?

The tuck. app enables you to obtain cashback in store and online with our partner businesses. Just spend as you normally would and we will do the rest!

How long does it take it for me to earn cashback?

Your cashback amount will be updated within 24 hours of you spending with your selected small business. In some instances, there may be a small delay. But not to worry our team will be working on getting this updated

What does pending cashback mean?

Pending cashback refers to the cashback you have earned which is due to be added to your available balance.

Usually, cashback is pending as the retailer has an exchange or returns period which needs to be fulfilled prior to it becoming available.

Can I earn cashback straight away after signing up?

Within 24hrs of signing up and linking your account, you can earn cashback at hundreds of local businesses.

It can sometimes take up to 24hrs for your card to be fully linked, so we do recommend waiting this long before making your first transaction!

What happens if I return a purchase to a retailer?

Cashback will only be paid once the returns or exchange period with the retailer has passed. So, don’t worry you won’t be affected if you have to return your purchase. In the scenario where your pending balance is updated in line with your spend and you decide to return an item tuck. will automatically update your pending balance accordingly.


How do I withdraw my money from the tuck. app?

When you shop with your favourite businesses, we’ll add cashback to your available or pending balance. You can request a withdrawal once you have accumulated £5 in ‘available balance’.

To request a withdrawal, you can select ‘withdraw’ on the home page, then enter your bank account and sort code. We will process and transfer the cashback within 24 hours.

(We delete all bank data once the withdrawal has been processed)

How do you store my cashback withdrawal details?

For withdrawal requests, we will require a valid account number, sort code, payee name and bank name. tuck. will not store any bank details, once the bank transfer has been processed and we will proceed to delete these from our database.

Can I withdraw to a bank account that I have not linked to the app?

Yes, you can withdraw to any valid UK bank account of your choice.

For withdrawal requests, we will require a valid account number, sort code, payee name and bank name. tuck. will not store any bank details, once the bank transfer has been processed and we will proceed to delete these from our database.

How long will it take for withdrawn cashback to reach my bank account?

We aim to transfer requested cashback within 24 hours. There may be times where may take up to 48 hours to reach your account, but this is dependent on the how quickly your bank account processes our payments.

Data & Security

How do tuck. keep my data safe?

At tuck. we are firm believers in data security. That is why we store as little data as possible during the sign-up process (name and email address).

tuck. will never disclose, share or sell your data without consent, unless required to do so by law.

We will also only retain your data for as long as is necessary and for the purpose(s) specified in our T&Cs and Privacy Policy.

You bank account details will not stored on our database, nor will it be stored on our third party suppliers (Plaid) database. In addition, plaid is a PSD2 compliant company which means your data is as safe as it can be.

What is your privacy policy?

The tuck. privacy policy can be found here.

Can I delete my linked bank account?

You have full authority over your linked bank accounts. If you wish to delete a linked bank account, simply head to the linked account section in the app and select the ‘Revoke Access’ button.

Do you store the details of my linked card?

Once your bank account is linked, your bank detail are encrypted with bank-level security and these details are replaced with a customer ID number. All we see is the last 2 digits of your bank account and sort code. We keep these to be able to link your bank account and customer ID.

Once the details are encrypted, we can't see or access them, and neither can anyone else. This ID number is meaningless out of context, even to us. No one will be able to tell from our system which card is yours once linked.

Do I need to reauthorise my bank account?

Our account linking technology, will request you re authenticate your bank account every 90 days. When you are approaching the end of these 90 days, we will notify you to reauthorise, so you can continue earning cashback at all your favourite businesses.

Can I delete my account and all of my data?

Of course you can! As you are completely in charge of your data, your information can be deleted at any time. Simply email us at and one of our friendly team will assist you.

What information does tuck. see from my linked card?

tuck. will only gain access to your transactions if your bank account is linked inside the application and you spend with one of our partner merchants.

How are you able to access my transaction data without storing my card details?

tuck. will utilise functionality provided by Plaid ( who are a PSD2 complaint provider offering access to high-quality financial data from banks across Europe through a single API. Plaid will allow tuck. to view an individual’s bank statement and verify transactions between tuck. consumers and tuck. partner businesses.

Nor tuck. or Plaid store any consumer data. The technology uses a Software Development Kit (SDK) and assigns unique identifiers to distinguish between merchants and consumers.

How do you store my cashback withdrawal details?

For withdrawal requests, we will require a valid account number, sort code, payee name and bank name. tuck. will not store any bank details, once the bank transfer has been processed and we will proceed to delete these from our database.

If I enable location services on the application, will tuck. be able to see where I am?

When enabling location services, tuck. will have access to your location (within a set radius and only when using the application) to identify merchants near you. Outside of the application, location services will not be enabled, meaning tuck. will not have access to your location.

Account Management

How do I delete my tuck. account?

We’re sorry to hear that you’d like to leave us! To delete your account, simply email us at and one of our friendly colleagues will assist you.

But remember, by deleting your account you will no longer be able to earn cashback at your favourite places!

How do I edit my profile information?

We’ve created some simple steps to allow you edit your personal information. Simply head over to the profile section of the application and select ‘personal information’. Here, you will get an option to edit your name, email address, password and photo. As well as, delinking your social media accounts which you may have used to sign up.

Can I edit my notification and location settings?

If you head over to the profile section inside the application, you’ll be able to edit your location and notification settings. Here, you will be able to adjust push and email notifications as per your preference.

If you decide to turn off your notification and location settings, you may not get notified about the best and trending offers near you, so we’d recommend you keep these turned on.

We may still have to send you an email from time to time, for example if you need to reset your password, if your card expires, or legal stuff like changes to legislation. Don't worry though, this won't happen very often!

How do I edit my account password?

We’ve created some simple steps to allow you edit your personal information. Simply head over to the profile section of the application and select ‘personal information’. Here, you will get an option to edit your name, email address, password and photo. As well as, delinking your social media accounts which you may have used to sign up.

Can I access my account on my computer?

To keep things simple, for now you can only access your account via the tuck. application.

Learn about tuck.

What is tuck?

tuck. is a mobile based application which connects consumers to small and medium sized businesses. tuck. encourages the retention of existing consumers as well as attracting new ones through rewards in the form of cashback. Furthermore, it provides these SME’s a platform to effectively market themselves to users and gain an insight into key market data and trends – which has often been too expensive for the SME or not widely available.

How do I download tuck?

It couldn’t be easier to become a member of the tuck. family. Depending on your device select the appropriate download link from below

Do I need a smartphone to join tuck?

The tuck. application requires the user to have a smartphone. Our application relies on the technology within the app to reward you for shopping with our partner businesses.

The app will work on most iPhones and Android smartphones. You can download it free in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Does tuck. cost to use?

tuck. is completely free app. We will instead fill your pockets with cash when you shop with any of our partner businesses.

FAQ's for business


What is tuck. for business and how does it work?

tuck. for business provides a platform for small and medium sized businesses to retain and reach new customers through a mobile application.

The process is as follows:

  1. Your customers would download the tuck application and link their preferred bank account(s).
  2. In return they will receive a reward in the form of cashback for shopping with you.

By carrying out a transaction with you via the tuck. app creates a new form of relationship.

We have a number of different ways in which this would benefit you and your business. Please get in touch to find out more.

How do I add my business to the tuck. app?

We want to ensure you can continue doing what you do best – which is serving your customers, so the sign-up process couldn’t be easier.

Just head over to our tuck. for business page and request a callback. We’ll require some basic information such as, name, number, email address and business name.

From here, one of the tuck. team will reach out and help you get onboarded.

What does tuck. do to market my business?

When you sign-up, tuck. will create your business profile on our app. We want to create a story behind your brand so that users can connect with your brand and come to shop with you.

To achieve this, tuck. will take high quaility pictures of your business, write a description/story of your business and create a custom profile. Additionally, we will market your business via our social media, write blog posts about your business and promote you on our website!

Signing up with tuck.

How long does it take to partner and integrate with tuck?

Our on-boarding process is pretty simple and doesn’t require much effort.

Step 1

Fill in the merchant form on our website

Step 2

Our Business Relations team will come and take some pictures of your business. Alternatively, you can provide your own!

Step 3

You can specify your cashback offering and sign the Merchant Agreement! The whole process shouldn’t take more than 7 days

What do I need to provide tuck in order to be onboarded?

The beauty of our application is that we do not require much information. tuck. would require:

  • Merchant details
  • Cashback offer
  • Merchant ID

Don’t worry though, one of our business development team members will guide you through the whole process.

Do I need to provide content for the application?

Of course, you can!

The tuck. team will be on hand to support you throughout the full on-boarding process. On our merchant page, you will see some photos of your business (which we take for you), a short description, your address, phone number and website.

We will also provide you with materials and content for your social media pages. This can be used to encourage customers to shop with you as they are rewarded with their cashback.

How do I set up my cashback offers?

Setting your cashback offer couldn’t be easier.

When you are first on boarded a Business Relations manager will take all potential cashback offers and provide recommendations based on data of other merchants. These will then be uploaded to the application for your customers to see and use.

If you’d like to change any of these offerings at any time, just reach out via email at


How does tuck. charge me for being on their platform?

Our business model is very simple and adds no extra strain to any marketing budget you may have.

You are only charged if a tuck. user comes into your business and makes a purchase.

Contact us on to find out more.

Is there a set up or monthly charge?

Nope! There will be nothing for you to pay until we start seeing tuck. users shopping with your business.

It's pay-on-results only!

Contact us on to find out more

Are there any other ongoing costs?


For my staff

Do my staff need to do anything once we have partnered with tuck?

To help maximise your reach, we ask that your staff promote tuck. and the cashback you are offering to your customers. By doing so, you will develop a strong marketing pool, and reach your customers again!

Other than that, the tuck. app requires nothing more from you or your staff.

How can tuck. help my staff promote my cashback offers?

As your staff help you to promote your cashback offers, we can always offer a helping hand to make sure your marketing pool is growing!

We provide you with instore and online marketing materials.

For my customers

Is tuck. secure for my customers?

We value security and want to provide assurance to you and your customers that your data is safe. At tuck, we never store any details of your customers. Once they link their desired bank account(s), our third party – Plaid encrypt these details and replace it with a customer ID number. All we get to see is the last digits of your account number and sort code.

We keep these details to ensure the right account is linked to the application, and to remind you to reauthorise your card after 90 days has passed.

How does tuck. get to see my customers transactions?

We utilise bank account linking technology. This allows us to see when a customer has spent money at your store.

Customers link their bank account to the app, and we get notified when they spend at a tuck. partner business.

How will customers find my business on the app?

  1. The tuck. app is location-based. When a user is fully set up in the app, they will be able to see their Nearby Cashback, with the nearest businesses coming up first. This means anyone near your business will be able to see your promotions and head on in!
  2. We are constantly posting about awesome businesses on all of our social channels. Once you're on the app, just chat with your Account Manager and we can get you featured on our Facebook or Instagram!


How do I know how many customers have come using the tuck. app?

Your invoice will show you the number of customers you have gained via our app. However, if you’d like to know prior to your invoice, please email us


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