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Another year, another gym resolution

Blog post 3!

Okay, I think I’m getting a lot more comfortable writing these things. It was daunting at first, but now I just open a Word document and type whatever comes to mind. Today we are talking about New Year’s Resolutions. YES, press that reset button!

Before you go about setting any goals, take some time out to have a think about this year. Ask yourself, ‘what did I set out to do?’ and ‘have I achieved those goals?’

For the past couple years, my girlfriend and I have been packing our bags with sandwiches and snacks and driving to the countryside for our traditional New Year’s Eve walk. During this time, we talk and reflect on the past year to see if we have stuck to our resolutions. It’s a very honest conversation and there’s no hiding. If you haven’t done this, give it a go! Get out, get some fresh air and take the time to reflect!

Here’s my top 5 New Year resolution tips if you’re in need of inspiration.

1) A podcast a day keeps the doctor away

This is something I picked up mid-year and have found it very useful. I listen to 1 podcast a week but want to up this to everyday in 2021! They are brilliant, whether you are out for a walk or working you can find some time for a quick podcast. I tend to listen to ones that interest me the most (mainly techy stuff) but there are so many different ones out there! It allows you to use your imagination and build pictures in your mind, which is something we have been so deprived of this year.

My top recommendations are:

2) Book a stay-cation on your sofa

It is unlikely that we will be travelling abroad any time soon so stop saving annual leave for that trip to Dubai in the ‘distant future’! Book a week off and relax... Spend time with loved ones, get creative in the kitchen, watch your favourite TV series’ and just chill! It’s okay to be at home on your day off.

3) Log off and tuck. it away

This is an important one. The lines are blurred between home and work life at the moment whilst working from home, but it’s important to know when to switch off. I often find myself keeping my laptop on after finishing work, and I will admit to having responded to the odd email at 11.00pm. Get into a habit of tucking away your equipment into a work bag when the working day is over. By incorporating balance in your routine, it will help you differentiate between work and home life – remember to switch off in 2021!

4) List your achievements

YES! Daily, weekly, monthly achievements, write them all down. It will help you stay positive and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small!

5) Sign-up to tuck.

A blog without plugging ourselves? Nope doesn’t exist! But seriously, there are a couple of reasons why you should sign up.

We are:

1) Helping small businesses survive by giving them a platform to market on and reach thousands of new customers

2) Putting cash, back in the hands of users! – Who really doesn’t want free money?

Discount codes, loyalty points and vouchers are rubbish. Get your cash back, withdraw it and spend it where you like!

Thanks for reading and have a Happy New Year! 

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