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Business Spotlight - CAFÉ NO:7

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Hello everyone!

We recently caught up with Manager Maksi from ‘CafeNo:7’ in Leicester. The cafe is located next door to the Guildhall and Leicester Cathedral on Peacock lane. Here’s what she had to say:

Why the number ‘7’ in the name CafeNo:7?

I wish there was a deeper meaning but to be completely honest, "The '7' in the name is because the cafe is located on No. 7 peacock lane 😀. This was previously White Rose Café!

Tell us a bit more about the things you offer here at cafeNo:7? e.g. food, ice cream, etc

We majorly serve delicious pastries and cakes alongside an array of hot beverages. People usually pop in Café No:7 if they want to sit outside and enjoy a sandwich or a toasty wrap during their lunch break! Our outdoor space is also beautiful, in the summer when the sun is shining, we get lots of people visiting wanting to try the Yarde Farm Ice cream we serve here. 🍦

Why did you decide to partner with Change Please? and what are some of the benefits?

Change Please was launched with the sole purpose of helping homeless people.

100% of the profits they make from selling coffee helps provide people experiencing homelessness with a living wage, housing, training and onward opportunities. They have really grown now and I believe Will I Am is on board and supporting them. It’s an amazing initiative to be a part of and the people who visit Café No:7 love it. Their coffee also tastes incredible!

What’s that one thing that is unique to Cafe No:7?

It's without a doubt the coffee. We are the very first business in the East Midlands to serve the award-winning from Change Please 🏆.

Be sure to pay them a visit!

Do have a superday! :)


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