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Business Spotlight - Desi Street Food

Hello everyone!

We are back with our Business Spotlight, highlighting some of the coolest places around Leicester! This time we caught up with Sukh who is the owner of “Desi Street Food” – This place serves some of the most authentic and delicious Indian street-food that takes you to a trip down to the streets of India.

Tell us a bit about yourself and why you started Desi Street Food?

I’ve always wanted to get into the food business as long as I can remember. Having an Indian background, the food that was closest to my heart was the street food in India. What I wanted to do was recreate all my experiences in places like Delhi, Punjab, Goa, Rajasthan in India where I was served some of the best street food and bring it over here and make people feel like they were at home.

How has it been running your business so close to town?

Being so close to town has been really good for us. You get all kinds of people coming in and trying some authentic desi street food and it’s always great to have a mix of culture. You get students, office workers, and literally everyone which is really nice.

How did you cope during the pandemic?

We knew it was going to be hard going into the pandemic but I had my family come down to the shop and help me with all the work over here and we were still open and serving customers by delivering food to their door. But we did miss the feel of having customers come to our place and dine.

Why did you start a vegan menu?

There were many reasons to why we started selling vegan items on the menu. The main reason had to be the demand from customers, friends and family. A lot of my friends and family practiced a vegan diet and always educated me about Veganism. I found it very insightful and thought it would also be a nice way to support the practice.

What would you say makes Desi Street Food unique?

Everything in Desi Street Food is fresh and homemade. Most of our recipes are family recipes. We like to do things differently here by adding a special touch to all our dishes and making the food delicious and comforting.

Be sure to pay them a visit!🥪

Happy reading :)

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