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Business Spotlight - PAI

Hello everyone!

We recently caught up Kiran from ‘PAI’ in Leicester. This place served up some of the most delicious food! And best of all, it had some fresh new concepts and served locally sourced foods.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Aiden and how you entered the restaurant trade?

"Aidan has been a chef since he was 16 years old, he worked his way up to becoming a Head Chef. He has been running kitchens since his early 20s. I started a food blog, as a way to channel my passion for food. I really love cooking and eating of course! I decided to apply for a Chef position, where Aidan happened to be Head Chef, back in 2014. I then went onto start a street food business as well as working part-time as a chef. I wanted to open a pancake and coffee shop. We both decided to go into business and open a brunch restaurant together. It just felt like the next natural step."

Tell us a bit about why you started PAI and what led you to open another restaurant?

"We love what we do! We started PAI as we both love pizza. We already have a restaurant in St.Martin’s Square and felt that the place was missing a pizza restaurant. The area is buzzing and St.Martin’s square has become a lovely food hub, offering a lot of variety. There’s something for everyone. We feel very lucky to be a part of it."

What are your plans for the future with PAI?

"Our plans for PAI are to consistently serve the best food we can and offer the best service we can."

Is there anything different you have on your menu that no one serves?

"We use local suppliers and focus on serving good, clean fresh food. We make sure we use local suppliers as much as we can so that money goes back into the local economy."

Be sure to pay them a visit! 🍕

Happy Sunday! :)


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