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Our FIRST podcast with - @budgetwithme1

Hello again!

We are back with our second collab, after the success of our recent blog post with @thrifylondoner.

This time around we are with Hannah from @budgetwithme1. We thought we'd do something different and record our first ever podcast!

We wanted to cover some hot topics with Hannah, in particular, saving and budgeting beyond the lockdown as measures look to ease across the UK.

In this podcast, we cover some interesting topics including:

  1. What Hannah does and how she has grown her following during the lockdown

  2. The importance of planning and how that can help you manage your finances

  3. How to reduce your spending by simply deleting apps on your phone (yes, you read that right!)

  4. Hannah's budgeting tool - which is now available on Etsy

  5. Other budgeting pages/ podcasts to follow, with special mentions for @lookingafteryourpennies, @thrifylondoner, @katiesaves, @projectfrugal, @thefrugalcottage

The full podcast is available here and is definitely worth a listen!

We'd like to thank Hannah again for her time and hope she was able to spread her wisdom and hot hints and tips.


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