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What is tuck?

Updated: Nov 11, 2020


This is our first ever blog so please bear with us! As always, writing a blog can be fairly daunting as a million different ideas/thoughts can run through your mind as you really do want to create the best blog ever. So, here is our attempt.

As you all know, times are tough. There is a crazy level of uncertainty in the market and this coup

led with a general cloud of negativity over our economic system really got us thinking about what we can do to help. That is why we created tuck!

A rewards application created by small business owners, for small business owners.

When creating the application there were 3 design principles that we wanted to nail:

1) A free application for both small business and users to join

2) For the small business – Little to no effort required to market themselves

3) For the user - Little to no effort required to earn cashback

We created an application which is free for any small business (regardless of industry) to join. The small business will have a dedicated merchant page on the application which displays:

· Valuable contact information

· Incredible pictures (taken by us!) of their business

· Links out to the business’s social media pages

And a big green box highlighting how much cashback the business is offering! e.g., Jenny’s cakeshop offering 10% cashback on everything in store.

Why is the big green box highlighting cashback offers so important?

Things have changed, gone are the days of offering discounts, vouchers and loyalty points. CASH IS KING! The average consumer now cares more about the money (something super tangible) in their pocket as opposed to 1 extra loyalty point.

Seriously though…. who even carries around loyalty cards anymore? If I did, I would have probably had about 100 free coffees from McDonalds or 21 subways! (not that I’m counting).

Anyway…by doing so, small business will now be on a platform for millions to see which in turn will help drive more customers to stores. From our perspective, it’s a no brainer.

Welcome to tuck!

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